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Have you ever lost data because you did not have a backup?

Most companies and individuals know that data backups are an important issue but most do not have a reliable solution. This is either down to cost restrictions, time restrictions or simple human nature (laziness). This is where an online backup can help.

Even those who do have some sort of backup policy (online backup or offline), these are often inadequate or infrequent to save valuable data when a system crashes. We have all lost data in the past and been sorry!! If you are lucky enough not to have suffered in this way, your time may well come soon if you do not act to protect yourself.

The advent of high speed Internet access for the masses means that most people can benefit from our online backup service.

MonsterBackup.com provides a secure and cost effective online backup service previously only available to large enterprise users with plenty of money.

MonsterBackup is not just another .com start-up company with optimistic business models and no way to achieve them. MonsterBackup is run by one of the UK's oldest Internet Service Providers. Pro-Net Internet Services have been providing the UK business and professional user with Internet services since 1995. This is an important point to consider as many .com companies have fallen by the wayside in the past year and many more will follow. With Pro-Net you can have confidence that the company you are dealing with is both experienced in the industry and very well established.

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We are currently offering Free Online Backup Trials to users. Just send an email to sales@pro-net.co.uk to get your free 30-day online backup trial.