About MonsterBackup

During Pro-Net Internet's 8 years as an ISP. We have heard far too many horror stories of our customers losing valuable data by systems crashing or hardware failure.

Far too many times, clients say:

  • 'Well I took a backup last month'
  • 'We ran out of tapes'
  • 'We were just to busy'
  • 'I had it in my desk draw on a Zip disk but someone used it'

For smaller companies or individuals, taking regular backups of data was just not practical. Historically it has been either expensive, time consuming or both.

It is for the above reasons we decided to use our extensive infrastructure to offer a cost effective yet secure and robust online backup service.

MonsterBackup is run and backed up with all the knowledge and infrastructure our clients have come to expect of an ISP with 8 years experience.

We are a customer focused company. Unlike many others in the industry, we concentrate our effort into looking after and keeping our existing clients rather than having to replace unhappy ones each year.

MonsterBackup can be used by anyone on the Internet and now you too can benefit for our way of doing business. Most of our clients find it very refreshing.

Please contact sales@pro-net.co.uk for a quotation or see our website at www.pro-net.co.uk