Backup Service Overview

Pro-Net Internet is proud to announce the launch of its new state of the art online backup service.

This service is primarily aimed at users with ADSL or Leased Line connections. These types of users are able to use our software and servers to maintain a secure online backup of any files on a single PC or entire Network.

Monster Backup is a complete Online Backup product including both client and server software.

Monster Backup gives businesses the ability to set-up a cost-effective secure offsite backup solution for laptops, desktops and servers. The Monster Backup Client software can easily be configured and distributed to hundreds of computers. Redundant File Elimination and predefined backup configurations can be used by every user to automatically backup only important data each day without intervention.

System administrators can set-up client configurations that can prevent users from changing certain settings. Silent backup mode can be used on the user systems to run automated invisible backups...keeping data protected and users productive.

Remote or travelling users can configure Monster Backup to use Windows Dial-Up Networking to automatically connect to the server and transmit a backup over a dialup connection.

All users have the ability to instantly restore any version of their data from any location on the network. Monster Backup is a truly flexible and powerful Internet/Intranet backup solution with a solid track record.

Main Product Features
  • Secure transfer and storage of data using Blowfish, Triple DES or DES encryption.
  • FastBIT incremental backups which substantially reduce backup times.
  • Knowledge that the service is provided by one of the 1st 10 ISP's in the UK, established in 1995
  • Fast Restore process and CD-Rom restore service for large data sets.
  • Low startup and ongoing costs.
  • Secure offsite storage gives you peace of mind
  • No more requirement to use expensive and time consuming tape drives.
  • No more CD's or Zip disks sitting in a desk drawer.