The FastBIT™ Patching Process
A Deeper Look Into Our Technology

The FastBIT™ patching process is the core technology behind our revolutionary program. The patching process involves the comparison of two different versions of the same file and extracting the differences between the files. When the differences are extracted from the two files, they are saved into a new file and compressed into what is known as a Patch. The patch file is often 85% to 99.9% smaller than the file which the patch was extracted from originally.

Diagram of the FastBIT Patching Process

Applying this technology to the backup process will reduce the use of communication lines, backup tapes, and physical storage, all leading to one thing... Cost Savings! Reduce your costs without sacrificing the integrity of your backups. Here's how our FastBIT patching technology is applied to your backup process.

When our backup program encounters a file for the first time, it compresses the file and sends it securely to the backup server. Once a file has been compressed and sent to the server, never again will we send that entire file to the server. All future changes to your files will result in only the changes within the files being sent to the server. When the changes are received by the server, they are applied to your backup files creating a complete up-to-date copy of your file system. As an optional service, your daily FastBIT Patch Backup files can be stored separately on the server allowing the flexibility of restoring any file(s) from your backup data as of any point in time.

If you're wondering about the reliability of the patching technology, there's no need to wonder anymore. This technology is not new. It has been the only choice for IBM, Microsoft, Novell, and many other hardware and software companies needing to update commercially distributed software.

The FastBIT patching process manipulates files at the binary level. This means it can process any file type without error. Different types of files will yield different FastBIT patch sizes based on the binary organization of the file. We provide some FastBIT patch statistics to illustrate this point further.

File Type Original File Size (in bytes) Change Description Changed File Size (in bytes) Patch Size (in bytes) % Reduction patch/changed file
Windows BMP (8-bit) 307,514 Added text to center of image 308,278 2,615 99.15%
Microsoft Word v7.0 431,616 Copied text from middle and pasted at end 448,512 13,598 90.60%
Microsoft Excel v7.0 108,544 Inserted new worksheet; created basic calculation and added 3D Bar-Graph 114,176 5,915 94.82%
Microsoft Access v2.0 1,802,240 Added 3 new records 1,802,240 5,700 99.68%
Intuit QuickBooks 1,265,664 Paid 4 bills and added 2 invoices 1,301,504 8,074 99.38%
Photoshop File 515,473 Added new layer and added text to new layer 524,769 4,480 99.15%
Plain Text File 37,084 Added text to beginning, middle and end of file 39,123 1,285 96.72%
Total 4,468,135 Average Daily Backup 4,538,602 41,667 99.08%

FastBIT reduces the average daily backup by OVER 99%